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Security Services in UK

In the United Kingdom, the security services are provided by all types of operators from single individuals to small one-town firms to large international organisations like G4S. The security services industry in UK is better organised than several other sectors. It is estimated that nearly half a million persons are working in the UK security business industry. This includes security guards, protection officers, door supervisors, security consultants, alarm installation and maintenance engineers, etc.

The British Security Industry Association or BSIA is one umbrella organisation that puts in considerable effort in regulating the working of security services providers in UK. The association has nearly 600 members, who provide about 70% of UK security services and products. The members of BSIA provide guarding services, security consultancy services, manufacture physical and electronic security equipment, distribute them, install them and operate them. BSIA had drawn up codes of practice for the security industry with technical documents. BSIA is also running a training subsidiary, Security Industry Training Organisation, to provide security service companies and their personnel with the required skills.

Another organisation, Skills for Security, is also concentrating on security industry related vocation training and improvement of professionalism and skills in the security workforce. They impart training to security firms and personnel in several key sectors like private investigation, biometric security systems, retail security, CCTV and control room operations, security dog handling and guarding, cash & valuables in transit, event security, alarm response and key holding, community warden occupations, etc. They further assist security workforce in the design, installation and maintenance of electronic security equipments and systems, including fire alarm and fire protection systems.

The Association of Security Consultants is another body that regulates and guides the function of independent security consultants. Only those companies or individuals that are involved in security consultancy practices are admitted as members in ASC. They accept assignments that are related to security consultancy, prepare reports and submit relevant documents on matters of security.

Our comprehensive collection of the details about security service providers in UK and their code of ethics will help you in selecting the right person or organisation for your security requirements in the country. We can also guide you on the specialisation of each security firm, so that you can choose the best amongst them for your needs.

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